Dog Licences

The acquisition of a dog license is as per the Dog Control and Welfare Act 2015, Number 10 of 2016. The By-law was created with the intent to encourage responsible pet ownership and to safeguard public health by ensuring that dogs and cats receive yearly vaccinations against rabies.


As a dog owner practising responsible pet ownership, you are required to have a dog license. Upon successful application, you will be issued with an identifying number as well as a dog tag bearing the identifier and a contact number for the registering organization.


Advantages of acquiring a license for your pet is that:

  1. If he/she gets lost, it is easy for someone to return the dog to you since there is the registering organization contact number on the tag provided.
  2. The license number allows you to prove ownership should your lost dog end up in a shelter or should a dispute in ownership arise.


In order to acquire a dog license, you (as the pet owner) will need to have the dog vaccinated and will be required to provide up to date vaccination records.


We assist our clients in the acquisition and renewal of dog licences.



- Copy of vaccination book.

- Licence fee receipt.

- Copy of national ID or Passport.


-Kshs. 1,000


-1 Working Day